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🌐 **Welcome to REX Controls – Your Gateway to Automation Excellence!** Dear Valued Customer, We're thrilled to welcome you to the REX Controls family, where cutting-edge automation meets seamless efficiency. At REX, we're not just a store; we're your partner in advancing control systems. 🔧 **Dive into Monarco HAT**: Unleash the power of Monarco HAT, an industrial-grade I/O board meticulously crafted for Raspberry Pi. Paired seamlessly with REXYGEN software, Monarco HAT becomes a formidable tool, empowering you to achieve precision, control, and innovation in your industrial applications. 🌐 **Software Solutions:** Discover the power of REXYGEN Control System software – our flagship solution for intuitive and efficient control system development. It's where innovation meets implementation. 🔍 **H-Inf for PID Controllers:** Take control with H-Inf, our specialized application for PID controllers design and tuning. Elevate your control strategies with a tool designed for precision and performance. 🌍 **Global Solutions:** With a global perspective, we deliver solutions that transcend borders. Your projects deserve the reliability and innovation that our products, including REXYGEN and H-Inf, bring. 💡 **Empowering Your Business:** At REX Controls, we believe in empowering businesses worldwide. Elevate your control systems with our state-of-the-art offerings designed for success. 🛒 **Start Exploring:** Your journey to automation excellence begins now. Browse our e-shop, discover the future of control systems, and let's shape success together! Thank you for choosing REX Controls. We're excited to be part of your automation journey. Best Regards, REX Controls s.r.o. info@rexcontrols.com https://www.rexcontrols.com